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|CoR| General Disclaimer
« on: January 26, 2009, 10:50:24 AM »
|CoR| General Disclaimer

|CoR| General Disclaimer:

Statements made by members and non-members of |CoR| may or may not reflect the thoughts and opinions of |CoR|'s leadership.  The community here at |CoR| City of Refuge is varied in their history and background.  With such a large group spanning the globe, it is inevitable that some may have differing views than others.  As different as those views may be, they may or may not be held by the leadership of |CoR|.  In order to ascertain an official position by the leadership of |CoR| on any given issue, please visit our Statement of Faith first, then ask any one of our Team Generals, Support Staff, Vice-President, and President.

If you disagree with an opinion given by any member or non-member of |CoR|, please treat each other with dignity and respect.  |CoR|'s Terms of Service lists the conduct required by |CoR| members and non-members alike.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Dade Ronan
|CoR| Pres-Cool_Hand_Luke
Acts 2:38