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How promotions work in GI
« on: September 27, 2010, 12:46:32 PM »
I thought that so many new faces here some might be asking just how do promotions work around here. At CoR, moving up the ranks is slow and can be frustrating.  I myself was very frustrated in being a Cpl for years.  (noob forever, lol)  The issue is that it is hard to know who people are in a large group, and GI is a large group.  So, as the general, I rely on the other officers to give feedback and make suggestions on promos. In a normal officers meeting, we go through the complete roster and RPs to make promos.  The promotions are done on a suggestion from existing officers and then discussed and voted on by the other officers. I hold veto power as the general but only use it on rare occasions.  This system works well except for that only a few of our officers attend the meeting.  I have set a rule and there is a post (in the GI officers section) that all officers are required to attend 6 meetings per year (unless pre-approved), but it has not really worked out.  I still have maybe 8-10 in attendance out of all the officers we have, which means I need to make some changes in who is and who is not an officer.  The promos through the non-com ranks are based on overall how you behave and a person’s ability to show various levels of maturity. (Getting along, not bickering, being a nice person, friendly, generally liked by others, and a small amount of technical skill with Steam, and is not based on player skill).  Once a person gets to the officer level we have a different and more stringent set of rules.  First, the person has to be a Christian. We are a Christian organization and require all officers to be.  This is normally determined by the person’s profession of faith and the fruit of their life that they display.  It is also determined by a person’s maturity in Christ.  If you are a very quiet, private person then we would not have a lot to base an opinion on.  And, again, due to low participation in those attending the officers meetings, such input comes from only a few sources, which is why some people get over looked. Also, there is an unlimited number of slots for non-coms but the number of officers is limited to a fixed number (above Lt.). Officers are selected slowly and only with much input and prayerful consideration.  I hope this helps you get a picture of how the promotion process works here. We are not based on your ability to get kills or play well.  We are a City of Refuge in this world and seek to be safe and wholesome in this place where you can find friends and comfort from this world.  And just maybe we might get to introduce someone to Jesus Christ now and again and that makes it GREAT!   So be happy and let your light shine for Jesus, have patience and faith, and let your love for others show.  That is how it works.  Stinker
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Re: How promotions work in GI
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2010, 09:29:05 PM »
Thank you for this post!!! I was wondering how exactly this worked but was afraid to ask for fear of making it seem I was whinning or complaining. Now this clears it. gracias senior!