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« on: April 17, 2011, 02:27:45 PM »
OK all you new guys check it out. 

Your name goes like this |CoR|space then rank-name*GI*  so mine looks like this |CoR| Gen-Stinker*GI*  Don't forget the space.  Be sure to set you name in your config.cfg file in your DOD folder on your PC and then to set it to read only.
You can edit the file with notepad, word pad, etc...

so in my file there is a line that looks like this
name "|CoR| Gen-Stinker*GI*"
Yours should have your rank if any, a space,  and your name.  Note that if your were just brought in from being an RP you do not have a rank yet.  So your would just be |CoR| space and then name*GI*

Another good thing to do is to change your bind r line to look like this.  Then at the first of a map you can hit r and stop all of the noise. 

bind "r" "+reload;stopsound 1"

Be sure to save your file and set it to read only.
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