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|CoR| Cool_Hand_Luke:
MW2 took me 2 nights to beat the game on the hardest level.

|CoR| Vette:
Yeah, none of those games are really much on the campaign.  They are more like multiplayer games with just enough of a campaign thrown in to keep people who really like the campaign part happy.

|CoR| mrgolf:
Really?              i thought MW2's campaign was awesome!!!

|CoR| Vette:
Yes, it was awesome, but you have to admit, it was short.  Too short to justify spending $60 on it if all you wanted the game for was the campaign.

|CoR| Gamil:
Sadly this is becoming more and more the case as the single player takes on the role of simply introducing people to the controls so they can play online. That's where the vast majority of the "replay value" is and many people don't even touch the campaign anymore because the controls have become so standardized between games. Plus with games constantly better graphical content, and taking up more storage, the amount of work to make a quality campaign goes up exponentially.

Plus, it's EA, they KNOW they are gonna have a few million people go out and buy the latest version just because their friends "upgraded" So why put the effort into 2 proper length campaigns when you can make 3 short ones and get more money for the same effort?


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