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|CoR| Server/Forum/Clan Rules
« on: February 13, 2012, 08:38:20 PM »
|CoR| Server/Forum/Clan Rules
1) No swearing
2) No vulgarity
3) No offensive conversation or sprays
4) No requesting or sharing of personal information
5) Treat each other with dignity and respect (this includes your conduct during heated debates )
6) Clan members will avoid gender specific names
7) Follow the requests of higher ranking admins
8 ) Hacking and cheating will result in a ban*
9) Do NOT publicly accuse other players of hacking
10) Do NOT fire/knife/melee in or while leaving spawn
11) No dual-clanning**
12) Remember that your name, rank, and subteam are not to be changed while playing on our servers.
13) Please do not post direct links to MySpace, YouTube or Google Video on the forums or servers.

*Use of map exploits is considered cheating
**Dual-clanning is defined as membership in another clan offering COD4/DOD/WOW/GW gaming.

@@|CoR| Disclaimer:
|CoR| Reserves the right to change any rule and hold accountable our members to adhere, support, and enforce, these rules.@@
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