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CoR's Goals
« on: January 29, 2007, 10:46:09 AM »
Below is an excerpt from the CoR Strategic Vision. These are the goals which CoR will strive to fulfill as a clan and several avenues through which CoR currently tries to fulfill them.

Quote from: CoR Goals
City of Refuge: Ministry

City of Refuge: Evangelize

It is the goal of City of Refuge to actively profess the truth of the gospel:

•   That man is in need of reconciliation to his Creator
•   That the Creator God of the universe came to earth in the man Jesus Christ to die for a rebellious creation.
•   That as a result of Jesus' substitutionary death we can have a personal relationship with Him

CoR will through the use of its resources attempt to actively confront the unsaved with their need of Christ. This evangelistic effort will flow through several avenues:

1)   Corporate Proclamation – CoR will endeavor to incorporate in all of its organized activities (clan and team practices, LAN events, etc) the proclamation of scriptural truth, namely the gospel
2)   Personal Proclamation – Members of CoR will be encouraged to develop relationships with our guests and fellow members in order to share personally the gospel with those who do not know Christ
3)   Directed Discussion – CoR will maintain an open discussion forum where all may ask questions and discuss spiritual topics. These discussion forums will be moderated in such a manner as to drive discussion toward an answer founded not only on Biblical truth, but also as ALL spiritual manners are rooted in man’s need for a savior, all spiritual discussions will be targeted at showing this need.
4)   Christ-like relevant contact – CoR members have a significant level of contact through their activities on CoR gaming servers, forums, and IM with members, friends, and guests of CoR. In all interactions CoR members will exemplify Christ in behavior and compassion and will strive through this contact to develop opportunities to share the ministry of CoR and the gospel with the members, friends, and guests of CoR.

City of Refuge: Edify

It is the goal of City of Refuge to actively edify fellow believers in Christ.

It is a part of the personal ministry of every Christian to seek to edify and disciple their brothers and sisters in Christ. The goal of such a ministry is that each and every Christian be actively seeking to become more like Christ as well as actively challenging their fellow Christians to pursue Christ, submit to His holy revelation the Bible as authoritative, and actively and willfully change their lives to conform to the pattern established within the Scriptures. CoR’s energies at discipleship will focus on the following avenues:

1)   Institutional Discipleship – CoR’s structure, and progression through that structure will facilitate the discipleship of its membership. Progression/promotion through CoR’s structure will be based not merely on the activity or ability of an individual member but primarily on that member’s character. In this manner it is hoped that the membership of CoR may be encouraged to submit themselves to the authority of the Bible in their manner of living.
2)   Organizational Discipleship – Individual responsibilities within CoR’s structure will include the mentorship, edification, and watch-care of those within an individual member’s sphere of authority.
3)   Personal Discipleship – CoR will endeavor to establish a personal discipleship program by which members exhibiting personal maturity within their personal Christian walks will be paired with less mature members and will through the use of a provided curriculum and/or through personal interaction disciple that member in their personal walk with Christ.
4)   Authoritative Discipleship – The leaders of CoR recognize that the goal of leadership within a Christian organization is twofold. First, it is the goal of CoR’s leadership to grow members from within CoR who can actively step into roles of leadership. For this reason CoR will actively challenge its members to show themselves faithful in their duties so that they can be trusted with more significant responsibilities and will endeavor to enable and teach those in areas of responsibility the skills necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. Second, in the event that discipline is required within CoR, the goal of such discipline will be the personal growth of the member being disciplined, not punitive revenge.

City of Refuge: Uphold

It is the goal of City of Refuge to actively uphold Christians in their personal relationship with Christ.

It is the responsibility of every Christian to uphold their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This ministry includes personal support in effort, emotion, and spirit as well as the constant bearing of one another’s burdens and approaching the throne of God on one another’s behalf. CoR will seek to uphold Christian brothers and sisters in the following manner:

1)   Private Prayer – CoR will use its resources to facilitate an active, honest prayer ministry private to the members of CoR. This prayer ministry has as its goal the support of the members of CoR by allowing members to approach the throne of God on behalf of one another.
2)   Public Prayer – CoR will use its resources to facilitate an active, honest prayer ministry which is public to the friends and guests of CoR. This prayer ministry will allow CoR to minister to Christians and non-Christians and will actively exhibit the power of God in the lives of Christians.
3)   Compassion – Christians are instructed to bear one another’s burdens. Members of CoR will actively seek ways in which they can minister to each other.

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Re: CoR's Goals
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Everythign well said.

|CoR| Goodspeed

Re: CoR's Goals
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2009, 11:56:48 AM »
This is how it should be to make this a viable ministry as well as fun gaming clan. I agree totally.

|CoR| Jinn Master

Re: CoR's Goals
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2009, 12:08:35 AM »
Should make a CoR choir. Lol.

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Re: CoR's Goals
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good work son!
God bless!

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