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Congress Meeting
« on: April 06, 2006, 12:41:58 PM »
In an effort to keep you updated on what Congress is doing on your behalf I've copied and pasted a portion of the report being submitted to GC from the April 4th Congress meeting we had.  The meeting lasted approximately one and one half hours and we covered a lot of agenda items.  Not all of them will be showing here because they were either dropped or tabled.

The notes are:

"Listed below are the agenda items that were voted on and passed that need to be passed on to General Council for their consideration.

1. A plug-in for the fun server that allows the players the option to “nominate” a map for the next round. Congress voted for passage of this request.
2. Congress passed unrestricting of the “awp” weapon in game-play. Everyone playing will understand that it is unrestricted and is just part of the game.
3. Congress passed using a pool of admins, Captain and higher, that will make themselves available to assist in taking care of any problems on servers where there is no admin (officer) to handle issues that require an officer’s admin-level authorization. To accomplish the use of a “pool” it was decided it can be done a couple of ways. A) A new sub-forum is created that will give all of the participating officers’ pertinent info regarding their IM ids, or whatever other means is available so that a CoR player can find them easily for help. B) Using TeamSpeak, create another channel for just this purpose. Those officers participating will enter the channel and be there to give assistance whenever someone comes in to ask. There can be no password on this channel so anyone can enter to ask for help.
4. Congress highly recommends that both the chairperson and the co-chairperson be given moderator status to the Congress forum so they can put up announcements or “stickies” when needed.

Questions we present to GC are:

1. What is the status on having the Bible Study/Prayer meetings?
2. What is the status on giving Captains to Colonels banning rights on the servers when there is no upper admin available?"