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« on: May 19, 2006, 04:12:50 PM »
Listed below are the general rules and guidelines for posting on the City of Refuge forums. All users of the CoR forums are expected to review these terms of service regularly and comply. Posting on the CoR forums constitutes agreement with these Terms of Service.

The content of these forums does not necessarily express the views and opinions of the City of Refuge, member groups, or the officers thereof. The content, views and opinions found in the posts are that of the message poster.

It is the member’s responsibility to periodically review the Terms of Service of the City of Refuge forums.

Violation of the Terms of Service, regardless of your position or standing in City of Refuge, may result in loss of privilege or banning from the City of Refuge forums. Moderators, administrators or super administrators reserve the right to ban anyone instantly for excessive abuse. Any post which violates the Terms of Service will be edited or deleted by forum moderators, administrators or super administrators. Notice is not required to edit or delete a post, although effort will be made to communicate with the offending party as to the reason the post was edited or deleted.

Member Profiles

Members will not lie or misrepresent age, religious preference, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or e-mail addresses. Please note that anti-spam measures that require a response to a challenege are not supported by these forums and will cause your registration to not be processed. Unconfirmed registrations that are over 30 days old will be deleted. Members agree not to take any information from these forums and post them online at any other forum, chat room, website, message board, group, community, club, web board, etc. Respect your fellow members. You may be a member of these other Internet sites; members here are not. Negative traffic flow from other interactive sites, such as flame wars for susceptible members, is not welcome nor will it be tolerated.

Members will not impersonate any other person or communicate under a false name that you are not or have not been previously registered as, entitled to use or authorized to use. Members will truthfully represent their identity as themselves both past and present. All members are to have their own accounts and not share it with another person.

Conduct and General Posting Rules

1.Members will not exhibit behavior or interact in a manner that limits, restricts, inhibits or intimidates other members. This includes, but is not limited to defamation, flames, slander, insults, profanity, stalking or giving unsolicited negative interaction with, towards or upon another member.

2.Members will not post or advertise profane, lewd, crude, obscene, pornographic, hateful, condescending or negative words, images, media files or URL/links to other sites in their interaction, to do so is not only unscriptural and ungodly it is illegal.

3.While it is understood that not all members will share a common belief in Christ, members will respect one another and respect the integrity of God's word.

4.Members agree to interact in a topic/thread in a direction that is consistent with the flow and interaction of that thread. Hijacking a thread will not be allowed.

5.Members will not advertise their graphics or websites in an obnoxious manner in their signatures or posts.

6.Lewd references to any issue, including, but not limited to: Homosexuality, trans-sexuality, bisexuality, bestiality, blood-Letting, Self-Mutilation, Satanism, Wicca, Mysticism, Astrology, Agnosticism, Atheism or other forms of occult practices and demonic torments are not permitted or tolerated.

7.Members will not advertise or solicit chain letters, pyramid schemes, "sales pitches," get rich quick scams, etc. This is a nuisance to other members and is illegal.

8.Members agree not to distribute or use any copyrighted material outside of copyright permissions, not limited to messages, (including but not limited to text, graphic, media or links to the previous) without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

9.Any forum member who posts complaints without first trying to resolve the matter privately will have his or her thread locked and/or deleted and possibly receive a warning or temporary ban.

It is our goal to provide an online community which is free from the predatory behavior common on the internet. For this reason we take aggressive measures to protect the privacy and safety of our members.

10.Members are not permitted to solicit or share personal information publicly or privately on the forums. Personal information includes but is not limited to one's age, sex, or location. Public or private messages which violate this rule should be reported to the moderators. Violation of this rule may result in immediate loss of privileges or banning from the CoR forums.

11.Members are not permitted to use personal photos in their forums avatars.

12.Members are not permitted to use gender-specific names.

City of Refuge Servers

Members will not attempt to illegally access (hack) City of Refuge servers, services, copyrighted material, interaction or events in any manner. Should this violation occur, it would be viewed as a serious effort to cause harm with malicious intent; by undermining the authority of City of Refuge. It will be reported to the appropriate legal organizations for disciplinary action included but not limited to legal fee reimbursement, damages, and equipment replacement. Noncompliance will result in termination of membership.

Contesting a Decision on an Edited Post or Warning

Please do not contradict a moderator, an administrator or super administrator of the City of Refuge regarding a correction in the thread itself. Doing so may result in immediate, temporary loss of posting privileges.  This includes, but is not limited to, re-posting the edited or deleted post.

If there should be a time when an edited or deleted post needs to be contested, please follow the steps listed below.

1.Contact the moderator of the forum through a private message and offer an explanation.

2.Wait for the response from the moderator. Moderators will respond within 24-48 hours via private message.

3.Should there be a need for additional considerations, send a private message to the City of Refuge General Council with an explanation. The General Council will respond within 24-48 hours via private message.

Should a member feel a post is not compliant with the Terms of Service of the City of Refuge forums, please report the post to a moderator through the “Report a Post to a Moderator” link in the thread.

By accepting the Terms of Service of the City of Refuge, you agree to abide by the rules and general conduct guidelines expressed therein. You also certify that you are at least 13 years old or have parental approval and consent. All posts are the ownership and responsibility of the poster and do not reflect the opinions or responsibilities of the City of Refuge staff or Moderators.
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