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|CoR| city of refuge

Welcome to |CoR| City of Refuge Inc. Christian Gaming Community,

  • We believe we can have fun while keeping our actions and words respectful.
  • We welcome all to our servers or LAN events and do not discriminate against race, beliefs, or skill levels.
  • We are also VERY adamant about keeping our servers clean from cursing, blasphemy, pornography, and drug references.

God’s word tells us plainly the standard for our communication:



Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

CoR Clan Background 10

|CoR| City of refuge christian gaming community

Come and join |CoR| City of Refuge. Where you can game in a safe family fun environment. Check out our forums for more details.

Join US for some fun

Check out our Day of Defeat server at IP:

join |cor| clan

|CoR| Server/Forum/Clan Rules
1) No swearing
2) No vulgarity
3) No offensive conversation or sprays
4) No requesting or sharing of personal information
5) Treat each other with dignity and respect (this includes your conduct during heated debates )
6) Clan members will avoid gender specific names
7) Follow the requests of higher ranking admins
8 ) Hacking and cheating will result in a ban*
9) Do NOT publicly accuse other players of hacking
10) No dual-clanning**
11) Remember that your name, rank, and subteam are not to be changed while playing on our servers.
12) Please do not post direct links to MySpace, YouTube or Google Video on the forums or servers.

Main forum categories

Click one of the mail forum categories below to find what you are looking for.  Or you can click the link to go directly to the home page of the forums.

General Forums

The General forums is a place where general information and discussions occur.

Get Started Here

This is the first place to start. Find all the important information about |CoR| here.

Recruit Prospect

Do you want to join |CoR|? Go here to find all of the details and fill out the form.

*GI* Day of Defeat

Our main Christian Gaming team is *GI*. We play Valve’s Half Life Mod Day of Defeat

General Spiritual Discussion

Come here to participate in general spiritual discussions, questions, and answers.

Prayer and Praise

Need some prayer? Post a request here. Have a praise report? This is the place.

Day of Defeat Forums

Check out our Day of Defeat forums. The City of Refuge Christian Gaming Community is where you need to be.

Follow the COmmunity

The forums are an awesome place to meet fellow Christian gamers. Check out the forums for the latest gaming events, activities, and discussions.

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City of Refuge